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Many food related activities happening in Meadows of Dan!

Happy Cooking Hotpad

Sweet memories of cooking, family, adventures and more!

Mountain weather; Spring is in the air

Running cedar and Easter Lilies

Mayberry Presbyterian Church Ash Wednesday Service

Greater Good website for clothes

River Dance Knitted Shawl by Lauren Rene

Dan River in Meadows of Dan history


Meadows of Dan News:

Snow, the Super Bowl and Beth's beach vacation.

Huntington Beach State Park


Anna Hyatt Huntington

A visit with the young folks of Holler Creek School at Mayberry Presbyterian Church

Knitting Notions:

EZ PZ Gauge Ruler by CrazyCatLazerDesigns

Today's Topic:

A Curious Encounter

William Least Heat-Moon




Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see 
A poem lovely as a tree.  

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest 
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; 

A tree that looks at God all day, 
And lifts her leafy arms to pray; 

A tree that may in Summer wear 
A nest of robins in her hair; 

Upon whose bosom snow has lain; 
Who intimately lives with rain. 

Poems are made by fools like me, 
But only God can make a tree.

 The poem is in the public domain.

Author Talk

Jessie Peterman Memorial Library in Floyd

Two local poets

Poet Eavan Boland


United States Census will be available to the public on April 1, 2022, depending on COVID affects on the work.

Old Christmas, 12th night, George and Martha Washington's anniversary.

 Old Christmas Quince episode

Smithsonian Crossroads Exhibit

Meadows of Dan Website

Cascade Blanket Knit-a-long

Bill Withers, Grandma's Hands

 And after a long COVID virus hiatus, we're back, finally, with another episode.

A Little Sweet...

Leslie and a friend invested in an Addi King Express knitting machine

A Little Tart...

Blue Ridge Parkway by Beth Almond Ford


Cabins near Rock Castle by Beth Almond Ford

Leslie has been taking part in a long term project featuring the history of the community where her grandmother grew up. A new project includes a documentary of the region that includes many of the local descendants of Rock Castle inhabitants. Not only is the area full of history, it's a beautiful location for hiking.

Episode 56 Change

 Beth and Leslie talk about the changes they have seen in life on the mountain and beyond because of COVID-19 and other issues of the day. 

Learning to live with the new normal in rural Appalachia

We tried something new to try to upgrade our sound quality, so there are some things that are a bit rough here and there with the podcast. Bear with us; we'll figure it out!

Our episode this time deals with isolation due to social distancing and the corona virus. Beth has several great quotes from Get Well Soon by Jennifer Wright, a book about plagues in history. Both Beth and Leslie pointed out ways they keep their sanity during quiet times, although both are used to isolation because of nature and habitat. 


Annie's Crochet Club

Simple Lines Shawl by Maanel


Weedeater by Robert Gipe


Special guest Anita Puckett, Appalachian Studies professor at Virginia Tech, discusses the powerful and challenging book, Weedeater, An Illustrated Novel, by Robert Gipe, which centers on the problems with poverty and opioid addiction in the Appalachian region.

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