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Episode 5 - Fiber

Word of the Day - Fiber

Word suggested by listener Bobbie Ashe, thanks!


Fiber for hand spinning or felting. Left to right front: Gray wool, merino, angora/corriedale. Back: Blue Face Leicester

Mainly for our listeners that aren't already involved in the crafts, a quick overview about fiber used to make local yarns, types of wool used to spin and felt, Why local wool yarns aren't itchy like commercial preparations. Why you should spend a little more on good yarn and fiber for your projects. Beth gets to fondle fiber and yarn. A theoretical and quick history of hand spinning and a bit about felting. We didn't mention yurts in our discussion but we should have!

Rising Meadow Farm in Liberty, North Carolina


The Art of Eating, by M. F. K. Fisher

A Little Sweet...

Leslie's catastrophic fail with the Kathleen Sweater


Leslie's completed Lily Mitts, an original Greenberry House design, made in hand dyed fingering weight wool yarn by Woolybuns.

A Little Tart...


Splendid Apparel by Anna Zilboorg

A Little Unexpected...

Recent floods, 28 inches of rain, and the beauty of a Meadows of Dan autumn.


We Bought a WWII Bomber by Sandra Warren

Beth reads a story, "A Fruitcake Theory" by Calvin Trillin, from the book, The Dreaded Feast:Writers on Enduring the Holidays, edited by P. J. O"Rourke and Taylor Plimpton. Your hosts wind things up by asking that a Word of the Day be suggested by a listener. Comment on the blog or on our Facebook page. The first word suggested will be our Word of the Day for next time.

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