A Little Sweet….A Little Tart…A Little Unexpected

Things are busy in Meadows of Dan. Leslie is busy at her shop, Poppy's and Beth has been working at the Reynolds Homestead featuring the Bushels and Barrels Festival and the annual book sale. Leslie also demonstrated spinning at Solitude at Virginia Tech for the Crooked Road Homecoming celebration. Beth talks about her Wild Women gathering today.and a special funeral where a Red Hat group honored a friend.


A Little Sweet....


Butterfly - Papillion Shawl

blogger.g?blogID=6100753161012769613Leslie is still making socks.



Hopscotch Socks from Think Outside the Sox, pattern by Lisa Swanson

Mix and Match Knitting Tools from katrinkles on etsy.

Amy's Ball of Ladders Shawl with Wolles Creation Yarn
A Little Tart...
Songs that have meaning to us:
Perfect Time by Maire Brennan
Autumn to May by Peter, Paul and Mary
Angel from Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt
Time Passages album by Al Stewart
Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
Danger by JJ. Cale and Eric Clapton
Some Walls by Sammy Shelor
Hymn of Promise by Natalie Sleethe
Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens
Follow Me by John Denver
Here There Everywhere by the Beatles
Anything by Haydn
Questions by Reba Rambo
A Little Unexpected....
Lovely recent meals including lavender wonders using lavender from High Country Lavender.

Music Attributions:


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featuring Pitx

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