A Little Sweet….A Little Tart…A Little Unexpected

Please be kind, as we learn about podcasting and putting on an internet radio show!

The word of the day is: QUINCE

Beth tells us the meaning of the word quince and the girls describe what the podcast will be about. Leslie emphasizes that there will be talk about knitting, handspinning and creating things and Beth points out that much will be made of books, collectibles and postcards. The girls introduce themselves, their occupations and families, and the lovely area, Meadows of Dan, Virginia, where they live and work.

Leslie tells her favorite joke and mention is made of bluegrass music and her famous brother, Sammy Shelor, of the Lonesome River Band. Ages are confessed and Beth tells the story of her father and how he wrote a book about his life as a country doctor. The big finish is accomplished and your hosts will return in two weeks with another episode of Quince.

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Ave by Alex featuring Morusque ccmixter.org/files/AlexBeroza/34409

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